How to remove back hair effectively

How to remove back hair effectively

For men that are concerned about back hair there are several ways to remedy the issue. Some are cheap and affordable, while others cost a bit but are much more effective. Which method you choose really depends on the size of your wallet and how bad you want to get rid of those nasty back hairs.

Probably every man that has an issue with excess back hair has tried to shave their back. Of course, it is a lot easier to do if you have someone to help you. The results are often pretty good, but the results don’t last for long. A couple of days later the dreaded hair is back, and you will either have to shave again or try something else.

A longer term method is plucking, which basically means pulling out the hairs with a pair of tweezers. This is definitely not something you can do by yourself, but if you find someone willing to help, this method is both cheap and longer lasting than a shave. Expect to have a hairless back for 3 to 8 weeks.

Creams are also a popular answer to how to remove back hair. The cream usually contains ingredients that react with the protein in your hair and dissolves it. The problem with this method is that the effects don’t last for long, and you can only expect a couple of days to weeks before it is back.

For an effective way to get rid of your excess hair, back hair removal by electrolysis is regarded as the only permanent hair removal method by the FDA. It works by sending a tiny current through your hair roots and killing it. This is labeled a permanent method, but some claim to have re-growth of hair. It is also very expensive, because it take a long time to work over your whole back.